Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Kids Rock

Hey gang, getting a few entries from our younger entrants which just goes to show that Crazy-ass gi designing fever is sweeping all the age groups!

Here is one created by the 5 year-old son of one of our contestants. He say his mum designing her own gi and thought he would try to same, totally unprompted without any help, here is his effort:

83. gie

and here's one by a 15 year old girl who's father sent in her entry. His daughter has been training BJJ for two years so is well and truly a BJJ addict!

195. Rainbow Gi 3-sm

Of course how heartless could I be if I did not let my own kids have a go at the Crazy-ass gi design? so here is my 4 year old daughter's kitty inspired effort:

And this is my 2 year old son's Ben 10 inspired artwork. Lovely!

Finally, let me give a shout out to new online BJJ news media service BJJHQ, run by Aaron Gaskill. He's just submitted his design and he plugged our contest on his site. Thanks Aaron!

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