Saturday, 28 August 2010

Prizes prizes prizes!

Oooh good people, I'm so excited I nearly ripped my ripstop pants! But seriously how cool is a competition where winners get the chance to have their fantasy custom gi actually made for real? But better than that, how cool is a contest where the silver and bronze medalists can walk away being the envy of the crowd with their prizes? Oh yes people, I can now officially reveal that a second winner of our Crazy-Ass design a gi contest will win Tatami Fightwear's brand new, not even yet available to buy for mortal folk - Estilo Competition Kimono. See the photos below and whet your appetite:

Wow! How bling is this gi. Bling I say! A little spec about the gi: lightweight pearlweave jacket and canvas trousers with cool contrast stitching, trim and drawstring, and brand new patches and logos. Ooh niiiiice! Wearing one of these, you'll be too busy high fiving your team mates to actually go training.

But wait, there's more. Our sponsors said, hey Crazy-Ass contest person you, why only two top prizes? let's offer a third, uh huh a third awesome gi prize. So for one more lucky winner, you will win a top of the range ZERO G gi. Man this gi is so popular they can't make enough of them. In sexy black or pure lovely white, the Zero G is an awesome uniform and light as a sparrow's tail feather. Okay, I lied, the Zero G is actually lighter than a sparrow's tail feather. Some photos:

Hey, if a Tatami gi is good enough for Fernando Terere, it's good enough for us mere mortals, right?

More details about winning categories later - it could take us some time to check out each and every one of the TWO HUNDRED gi designs that have just been submitted. I mean WOW! people, I love you all, thanks so much for taking part. I can reveal that the top finalists, selected by our panel of expert judges will be announced on Tatami Fightwear's Facebook Group page - so go join the group.

But the contest still has a couple weeks to go so you have plenty of time - we're closing entries 15th September 2010. Be a crazy-ass gi designer now.

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  1. Drooling...on...keyboard......

    It's about time we have another contrast trim gi on the market besides the Keiko Raca! Tatami Fightwear FTW!