Monday, 23 August 2010

We cheated!

Liam and I are so addicted to designing gis that we can't stop entering designs ourselves. Of course our entries are not eligible for the final showdown and prizes (drat!) but we did them anyway.

Here's Liam's monkey themed gi:

Gi design Liam 2 - NOT ELIGIBLE

I like the check inner lining and cutesy monkey logos.

I've gone for the ultimate in team-themed gis - the Hannya! this Japanese god or demon figure is the basis of the logo in the club that I train at: Mill Hill BJJ. We are part of the Roger Gracie Team, hence the wording on the back.

Mill Hill Hannya - NOT ELIGIBLE

If you think you would like to hav a go, then send us your entries. We've got lots of prizes to give away thanks to our sponsors Tatami Fightwear!

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