Tuesday, 24 August 2010

But I can't draw!

Yes you can! If you can churn out armbars, triangles and flip flying fantastic guard passes aplenty, then you have the brains to put a pencil onto a piece of paper and scribble a design - no computer skills needed. Look...here are some recent entries where the contestant did not have access to a computer to design his gi:

67. scorpion-sm

123. Butchers gi

135. Gi kia kaha by Simon Pouly-sm

152. Photo 108

In other news, a big Crazy-ass gi thank you to all our blogger brothers and sisters for blogging about the comp: Steve Zacher sent us his very imaginative designs (the butchers cut above is one of them), Daniel Mower who writes the snazzily designed Arcanum blog sent some stunning contributions, Jay Beard way out there in Arkansas blogged about the comp with his Elvis inspired outfit...oh yeah people, bloggers united we stand!

And, you can catch more about the comp on the popular weekly newsletter BJJ Weekly. Subscribe to BJJ Weekly now to catch up with tons of cool content, techniques, hints, tips and articles. Don't forget also to join our Facebook group and, if you fancy, have a mosey on down at our sponsor's website to see the cool banner they created to advertise the comp.

Finally, Crazy-ass gi HQ did not post this on Sherdog, someone else did, and it seems to have elicited some rather 'interesting' unofficial gi designs. go check it out here.

Thank you guys, keep rolling, keep designing. Osu!

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