Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blogger Power!

OMG! After launch day yesterday our emails were besieged by Crazy Ass gi designs from our friends, training partners and curious passers by. Oh yeah people, this Crazy Ass design your own gi idea is kicking into gear and we hope it will be a WORLDWIDE phenom.

So let's take a look at blogosphere to see who's been chatting about our challenge:

To start, there is the shy and bashful Meerkatsu with his little opening gambit:

Then Mr Part Time Grappler himself turns in a Rio-themed design:

At this early stage it seems to be the ladies that have seem to have come up with the goods so quickly. Julia Johansen as has been mentioned before has been incredibly prolific, with her 10, yes 10! designs so far! Here's one of her latest, and it's already a very strong contender for top honours:

Another top lady BJJ blogger, MegJitsu, lost her entire working day by scribbling away at her entry - a truly femme tastic phoenix and oriental design of her own making:

And yet again, the ladies beat the guys with their prolific output. Jiujitsunista submitted a number of sci-fi and mythic themed designs, one of which I quite like:

...and well the list goes on. I'll keep you posted on the entries as submitted by our blogger friends and everyone else. In the meantime, catch up with all the entries so far on our Design Your Own Crazy-Ass BJJ Gi Challenge Facebook Group (phew!)


  1. The amount of awesome being put into this just makes me happy. =)

  2. That's exactly the emotions I want to make happen when I conceived this plan!