Thursday, 2 September 2010

Funny Ha Ha!

Man you guys like to goof around with your Crazy-Ass gi designs! Well good, because we're offering a big prize to the funniest. Maybe one of these entries might win the funny category? Let's see:

BJJ Blogger Francisco Arias, creator of DSTRYRSG came up with this MC-inspired design:

A lot of entries featuring the nude body as a gi design, clever that, no-gi, gi in disguise, hmmmm:

You'd have to be a mad cow not to love this Ki-moo-no from my own instructor:

And finally, well, I dunno I think it's a big ego that has to put their own face on their own gi. Actually this wasn't created by me, but by one of our contestants. I think this is a strong winning candidate myself...

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