Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Evan Mannweiler with 'Pin up '
Evan will get his gi custom made by Tatami Fightwear.

Aaron Shiels with 'Scorpion'
Aaron wins an Estilo Premier gi

Francisco Arias with 'I'm Lovin' Jitz'
Francisco wins a Zero G gi

Huge thank you to everyone who voted and everyone who took part, this has been spectacular!
Big thanks especially to Liam Wandi who writes the Part Time Grappler blog for being my project partner, to Tatami Fightwear for their sponsorship and unstinting support of the contest and to all my blogger friends who supported and lent a hand.

Listen out for The Fightworks Podcast this Sunday where I will be interviewed about the contest!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The judges have chosen! Head on over to the Tatami Fightwear Facebook group and vote for your favourite design. You have until 23:59 EST 12th OCTOBER to do so. The entry with the most 'likes' in each of the three categories will become the winner.

Thanks to all our judges for the tough task of whittling nearly 400 entries down to just 19. The judges were:
Bill Thomas - BJJ Weekly
David Webb - Kombat Clinic
Romeo Pagulayan - MMAGearGuide
Gareth and Lee - Tatami Fightwear
Georgette Oden - Georgette's blog
Steve Zacher - Steve BJJ
Liam and Nadine Wandi - Part Time Grappler
Adam Adshead - Factory BJJ
Seymour Yang - Meerkatsu

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Sob! It's over. We've now closed the contest to new entries and the judges will now proceed to select their 15 favourites - five from each of the three categories:
1. Ultimate winner (wins a custom gi)
2. Crazy Winner (wins a Tatami Fightwear Estilo 'blinging' gi)
3. Funniest winner (wins a super light Tatami Fightwear'Zero G' gi)

It'll take the judges a couple of weeks (maybe sooner) to find the 15. Once they do, the 15 finalists will be posted on the Tatami Fightwear Facebook group page where anyone (once you join the group) will be able to 'like' the entries they think should win. The designs with the most number of 'likes' in each ategory after two weeks will be declared the winner. Remember, this only applies to the 15 chosen finalists as posted on the Tatami Fightwear Facebook group gallery - not the Crazy-Ass Facebook group gallery.

Thanks to each and every person who sent in an entry or supported from the sides. It was such good fun to see the different designs and be a part of a world wide phenomenon. Good luck if you did enter a design, stay tuned!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hey guys, only one more week left to go before the closing date for the competition - 15th September 2010.
Ooooooh! Who will be crowned ULTIMATE crazy-ass gi winner? Will it be you? It could be, but you better get your skates on!

Entries have been coming in from all over the world. Let's take a look at some patriotic themed entries from our international BJJ brothers and sisters:

259. big.cp

248. BrazilBJJ

243. seizastudio

198. Mata leao nero-sm




Actually we had entries from many more countries around the world, so thank you to everyone.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Funny Ha Ha!

Man you guys like to goof around with your Crazy-Ass gi designs! Well good, because we're offering a big prize to the funniest. Maybe one of these entries might win the funny category? Let's see:

BJJ Blogger Francisco Arias, creator of DSTRYRSG came up with this MC-inspired design:

A lot of entries featuring the nude body as a gi design, clever that, no-gi, gi in disguise, hmmmm:

You'd have to be a mad cow not to love this Ki-moo-no from my own instructor:

And finally, well, I dunno I think it's a big ego that has to put their own face on their own gi. Actually this wasn't created by me, but by one of our contestants. I think this is a strong winning candidate myself...

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Kids Rock

Hey gang, getting a few entries from our younger entrants which just goes to show that Crazy-ass gi designing fever is sweeping all the age groups!

Here is one created by the 5 year-old son of one of our contestants. He say his mum designing her own gi and thought he would try to same, totally unprompted without any help, here is his effort:

83. gie

and here's one by a 15 year old girl who's father sent in her entry. His daughter has been training BJJ for two years so is well and truly a BJJ addict!

195. Rainbow Gi 3-sm

Of course how heartless could I be if I did not let my own kids have a go at the Crazy-ass gi design? so here is my 4 year old daughter's kitty inspired effort:

And this is my 2 year old son's Ben 10 inspired artwork. Lovely!

Finally, let me give a shout out to new online BJJ news media service BJJHQ, run by Aaron Gaskill. He's just submitted his design and he plugged our contest on his site. Thanks Aaron!