Thursday, 16 September 2010


Sob! It's over. We've now closed the contest to new entries and the judges will now proceed to select their 15 favourites - five from each of the three categories:
1. Ultimate winner (wins a custom gi)
2. Crazy Winner (wins a Tatami Fightwear Estilo 'blinging' gi)
3. Funniest winner (wins a super light Tatami Fightwear'Zero G' gi)

It'll take the judges a couple of weeks (maybe sooner) to find the 15. Once they do, the 15 finalists will be posted on the Tatami Fightwear Facebook group page where anyone (once you join the group) will be able to 'like' the entries they think should win. The designs with the most number of 'likes' in each ategory after two weeks will be declared the winner. Remember, this only applies to the 15 chosen finalists as posted on the Tatami Fightwear Facebook group gallery - not the Crazy-Ass Facebook group gallery.

Thanks to each and every person who sent in an entry or supported from the sides. It was such good fun to see the different designs and be a part of a world wide phenomenon. Good luck if you did enter a design, stay tuned!

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